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#Pre-Order** Ultimate Article Ultraman Tiga (Multi Type)
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RELEASE: March 2021

ETA: April / May 2021

Celebration Ultraman Tiga 25th Anniversary!
"Ultraman Tiga (multi-type)" is finally here in the UA series, which has a powerful 40 cm scale, real details and gimmicks!
With the cooperation of Tsuburaya Productions LSS (Light Sculpture Studio), the details of the mask and other stylish and toned forms played by suit actor Shunsuke Gondo are thoroughly reproduced!
In addition, it is equipped with a light and sound gimmick that creates a sense of reality!
When the switch is turned on 1, Tigaeye (both eyes) and color timer (blue) emit light along with the transformation sound of "Sparklens"!
Furthermore, by switching to ON2, the timer sound is activated for about 30 seconds in conjunction with the color timer (blinking red), and the sound of the multi-type special move "Zeperion Ray" reverberates.
In addition to a powerful fighting pose by exchanging the optional arm, you can enjoy two types of poses, the special move "Zeperion Ray".
Includes 2 types of pedestal stickers (work logo and Tiga sign logo). Please enjoy the supreme gem that condenses all the charms of Tiga at hand.

庆祝Ultraman 迪加 25周年!
与Marutani Pro LSS(Light Sculpture Studio)的合作,彻底重现了由男演员Shunsuke Gondo扮演的面具和其他时尚色调的细节!
当开关打开1时,Tigaeye(两只眼睛)和颜色计时器(蓝色)会随着“ Sparklence”的变换声音发光!
此外,通过切换到ON2,与彩色计时器(闪烁红色)一起激活计时器声音约30秒钟,并且多类型特殊动作“ Zeperion Ray”的声音回荡。
除了通过更换可选的手臂来获得强大的战斗姿势外,您还可以享受两种姿势,即“ Zeperion Ray”特殊动作。

Product name

Ultimate Article Ultraman Tiga (multi-type)

Product size

Overall height about 400mm

Product specifications

・ Main body (colored finished product)
・ Dedicated pedestal
・ Support arm parts
・ Replacement arm parts (left
and right)・ Pedestal seals (2 types)
・ Instruction manual
* Built-in LED light emitting gimmick
 (Tiga eye, color timer (blue / red)) )
* Built-in sound gimmick
 (transformation sound, timer blinking sound, Zeperion ray sound)
* AAA battery x 3 (sold separately)

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